Thanks to Nicola Catalano of Blow Up magazine for the following review.

The Loop Orchestra
Not Overtly Orchestral * CD Quecksilber/Wide * 4t - 45:15

Just three records in more than twenty years of existence. In itself a sign of how and how much Australian The Loop Orchestra keep their distance from the habit of presence to the death which afflicts most of today electronic and (more or less) experimental circles. And if that wasn't enough John Blades, Richard Fleming & Co. subvert the widespread laptop egemony (epidemic?) with an all analogic antidote, that is using only tape-recorders, those marvellous reel-to-reel tape machines which really seem to belong to another age and another world. And this way they organize windy squalls of loops, unconscious labyrinths of blocks, clinks and staggers, sound mirages of an audio-cinematographic grain as right ways of escape from digital oppression. Vote: 7/8 Nicola Catalano