The Endless Recordings label was created by The Loop Orchestra to enable public consumption of recordings by The Loop Orchestra and associates. The first release was a vinyl L.P. in 1988 by Sheriff Lindo and the Hammer, "Ten Dubs That Shook The World" (ER001) in an edition of 250 copies. It was re-released in 1998 for its 10-year anniversary by Creative Vibes on CD with five additional tracks, and again in 2005 through the Japanese label EM Records on vinyl and CD, this time without the bonus tracks. The Japanese releases were limited editions - 350 copies of the LP and 500 copies of the CD. To date there have been two further releases on Endless Recordings, both by The Loop Orchestra.


The Loop Orchestra attempts to record every performance and it is largely from these recordings that our releases have been drawn. There are excerpts of some tracks on this page and you can visit the "Audividigrabs" page for a couple more excerpts from unreleased recordings.


Sound installation at the In My Bedroom Gallery, Camperdown.
Photograph by James Hunt-Tsai



"Suspense" :  LP :  Endless Recordings :  ER002
Released 1990
Side 1: Suspense
Side 2: Onomatopoeia 

Recorded over the years 1988 - 1990 at Endless Studios, "Suspense" features tracks that deconstruct and reconstruct soundtracks drawn from suspense and horror films of the 1930s through to the 80s. It features striking cover art by long time friend of the band, Art Brut maker Anthony Mannix. To emphasize the suspense theme of the music and the eroticism of the artwork, the front cover features a uniquely textured surface simulating "goose-bump" skin. Anthony's artwork also features on inserts included with the album. "Suspense" was released as a numbered edition of 500 copies.

At the launch of "Suspense" in February 1991 at the A.F.I. Cinema, The Loop Orchestra performed versions of the title track and Hypnotique, with visual accompaniment taken from horror films.

"The Analogue Years" :  CD :  Endless Recordings :  ER003
Released 1999
Bride - excerpt   (720kb)
Outsiders & Outcasts
Hypnotique - excerpt   (180kb)
Woolloomooloop - excerpt   (850kb)

Most of the tracks on "The Analogue Years" were recorded in the 1990s from live performances, or, in the case of Bride and Demise, in studio. The exception was Hypnotique, recorded in 1987 from a live-to-air performance.

The CD's title emphasizes the love and admiration The Loop Orchestra has for analogue low-technology (or, no-technology) equipment, which in the Orchestra's case is mostly the old reel-to-reel players that the group continues to use and firmly adheres to in the digital high-technology computer age.

"The Analogue Years" is currently available from The Loop Orchestra for AU$20.00 plus postage. Alternatively try Staubgold in Europe, or MSBR in Japan (see Links page).

"Not Overtly Orchestral" :  CD :  Staubgold Records :  QUECKSILBER 5
Released 2004
Son of Not Overtly Orchestral

The first international release, on Quecksilber, by The Loop Orchestra features 3 tracks recorded at performances over the years 1998 to 2001. The opening track "Son of Not Overtly Orchestral" was performed at the 2001 What is Music? festival after being conceived nine months earlier from "Not Overtly Orchestral". The last track, "Profiles", was recorded for The Night Air which airs nationally on ABC's Radio National. "Profiles" accompanied words about Outsider artists read by long-time The Loop Orchestra collaborator and Outsider artist himself, Anthony Mannix.

"Not Overtly Orchestral" is available from Synaesthesia, Inertia and Quecksilber (see Links page).

SOUTHERLY Vol.64, No.1 :  "Word/Music"  Book/CD :  ISBN 1-920831-07-X, Halstead Press
Released 2004
Assonance in 10 Parts

A CD commissioned by Southerly - Australia's oldest literary journal. "Word/Music" was released as a companion CD to Vol.64, No.1 (May 2004) to accompany a feature on Outsider Art. The feature includes a 17-page exposŽ on Anthony Mannix along with reproductions of a number of his graphic artworks. Also included is an insightful article on John Blades. A limited number of CDs are available with handmade covers and without the Southerly book.

For more information visit Southerly.

"oo8 LockdowN 8oo" :  LP :  Pulled Out Records :  PULLLP06
Released 2014
Side 1: Sound Science 
Side 2: 88 locked grooves 

A picture disk featuring 88 locked grooves divided into eight discreet catagories of eleven loops. Wheel-to-wheel is a piece contructed of loops featuring sounds recorded from John's electric wheel chair. It was performed for the 2009 NowNow Festival at the Wentworth School of Arts. Picture disk artwork by Juke Wyat.

Appearances on compilations:

"Men of Ridiculous Patience"  Cassette (New Wonders of Silent Sound, 2mbs-fm tapes)
Released 1983

Track: untitled

Features an untitled piece performed live-to-air in the 2mbs studios in 1983. Other artists featured are Kurt Volentine, Art Poetry and Swsw Thrght.

"Static / Museum"  CD-R (Sevcom)
Released 2001

Track: "Not Overtly Orchestral"

A compilation featuring artists who appeared at Static / Museum, a sound art event at Artspace, Sydney, on 21st October 2000. "Not Overtly Orchestral" was recorded at an Artspace performance earlier in the same year. Includes tracks by Pimmon, Size and Kazumichi Grime.

"Static Museum.two"  CD-R (Sevcom)
Released 2001

Track: "Fanfaren Klänge"

A compilation featuring artists who appeared over two nights at the second Static Museum sound art event at Artspace, in August 2001. "Fanfaren Klänge" was recorded at Big Day Out 2001. Includes tracks by Mute Freak, Minit, Sanity Clause, Rik Rue, Garry Bradbury, Scot Horscroft, Ian Andrews, Kazumichi Grime, Wake Up And Listen, and Sweden.

"101 Locked Grooves"  12" (CALG101, Clan Analogue)
Released 2001

A compilation featuring 101 locked grooves from 28 Australian and international artists. A small number were pressed and made available through the artists. All tracks are untitled.

"Live at The Room" CD-R (bake records 048, Bake Records through Staalplaat)
Released 2002

Track: "Labtech"

Recorded at the launch of "The Analogue Years" it also features tracks by Vorkapitch, Target Audience, and Lint.

"Tempo Technik Teamwork" 2CD (staubgold 55, staubgold)
Released 2004

Track: "Radiophony (edit)"

Recorded at Artspace in 1998 during the What is Music? festival. Also featured are tracks by Minit, Oren Ambarchi and Keith Rowe, Klangwart and Joseph Suchy and others.

"Wenn Sonst Nichts Klappt: Wiederholung Wiederholen" Book/CD (ISBN 3-933557-61-1, materialverlag und b_books / polypen)
Released 2005

Track: "Radiophony (edit)"

The title translates as "If Nothing Works Out: Repeat Repetition".

The book contains a series of essays that attempt to draw a connection between the paradigms of repetition and art theory and practice, film theory, gender studies, everyday life and other fields. Contributing authors include Mercedes Bunz, Erich Pick, Sabeth Buchmann, Stefan Moos, Mirjam Thomann, Josephine Pryde and Erk Schilder amongst others.

The CD contains pieces of music that treat sampling as an artistic method and principle. Additional artists featured on the CD include Martin Ebner, Neoangin, Klaus Weber, Salamandroids, and Apparat amongst others.

The book and CD is a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

"MIT # 02" CD-R (SSMIT02, Sordide Sentimental)
Released 2006

Track: "Fanfaren Klänge"

A limited edition of 100 copies which includes the piece that originally appeared on "Static Museum.two". Other artists featured are Aube, Tempsion, and Thee Majesty.

"An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music / Fourth a-chronology 1937 - 2005" 2CD (SR250, Sub Rosa)
Released 2006

Track: "Circa 1901"

The fourth compilation released in a series of exposŽs on the history and bounds of noise and electronic music. Artists include Halim el-Dabh, Ligeti, Steve Reich, Alvin Lucier and John Watermann.

"Liquid Architecture 7" CD (LIQUID 01)
Released 2006

Track: "Circa"

A compilation featuring artists performing at the 7th Liquid Architecture festival. Other artists include Gail Priest, Phillip Brophy, Erik M and Faber Castell amongst others.

"YaJi 1" CD (YJ001, Kwanyin Records)
Released 2008

Tracks: "Vibraloops", "Ya Ji"

A compilation additionally featuring Bai Tain, Anders Peterson, relapxych.O, Shiz and Background Noise. The track "Ya Ji" is a collaborative work involving all artists contributing to the compilation. Background Noise (a radio program produced by John Blades and Richard Fielding) contributes a remix of the Objeckt4 CD "Her Face Among The Shadows".

"Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia" Book/CD (ISBN 978 1 921410 07 9, University of New South Wales Press)
Released 2009

Track: "Untitled" (edit)

A compilation additionally featuring Severed Heads, B(if)tek, Teletopa, and Kaye Mortley amongst others. The book delves into Australia's unique take on experimental music stretching back to the 1970s. Edited by Gail Priest, it features contributions from many of the performers, producers and provedores involved in the genre, including John Blades. The Loop Orchestra track is an excerpt from our first ever (untitled) piece, broadcast live-to-air on 2MBS-FM in 1982.

"Rauschgold: Alec Empire Plays Staubgold" CD (Staubgold 92)
Released 2010


Track: "Radiophony" (edit)

A compilation of tracks compiled and remixed by Alex Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) additionally featuring Faust, Mapstation, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Klangwart, Paul Wirkus and Beta Erko amongst others.

"Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music, Volume 2: 1974 - 1983" CD (Shame File Music)
Released 2010


Track: "Untitled" (edit)

A compilation additionally featuring Ron Nagorcka, Warren Burt, Severed Heads, Voigt/465, Jon Rose, Ian Hartley and Carl Vine amongst others. The Loop Orchestra track is an excerpt from our first ever (untitled) piece, broadcast live-to-air on 2MBS-FM in 1982.