Suspense (on line at Hyperreal)
Not Overtly Orchestral - Blow Up
Not Overtly Orchestral - Loop Grooves
Not Overtly Orchestral - XLR8
Not Overtly Orchestral - Pop Rock, August 2004 (in Greek)
Not Overtly Orchestral - Fontos, June 2004 (in Czech)


Experimental As Anything (Ram Magazine, 1988)
Fruits Of The Loop (Drum Media, 1991)   (COMING SOON!)


Their Eyes Follow the Reactions; Performance Space, 1986.
Hypnotique, live-to-air, 1986.
Shredding the Evidence, 1987.
Suspense LP launch; A.F.I. Cinema, 1991
The Analogue Years CD launch; Limbic Lounge, 1999.
Static / Museum; Artspace, 2000.
Gam & Scatology; Excelsior Hotel, 2000.
Big day Out; Olympic Park, 2001.
Static Museum two; Artspace, 2001.
21st Anniversary Show programme cover, 2003


Live-to-air in the 2mbs studios
Performance Space
Launch of The Analogue Years, 1999
EAR Stage, Big Day Out 2001
What is Music? festival, 2002
EAR Stage, Big Day Out 2002
21st Anniversary performance, 2003


Endless infotainment
I am your memory
I am your teacher
I am your playmate
I am your secretary
Crazy mirror
On tour
Memory Lapse 1 score
Bloop score
Scatology score
Suspense score
Untitled score
The West-im Westen
The Loop Orchestra rehearsal
Phantom Pregnancy Metro promo