Cause & Effect:

- big is everything, but little is something more 
- digital dirt you mustn't sweep away 
Pimmon - Oz master of crunch musics
- where Volvo is another word for vulgar...and nudity is everywhere
Scattered Order - particular smoky art / scriptural karma toy / stimulatory crap ark
Kinderschmerzen - industrial centipede
- the nerve centre of the body is alive long after the gristle has gone 
Browning Mummery - better than a biscuit
- wor(l)d without definition


- a flower of collided scents 
Noto - smooth & jerky electricity
- no such thing as an ordinary record
Reece Williams - neglected sound poet 
- show us yer decals!
- opener (thanks)
- Her butt's my elephant
- I I I I I love Delia, she's a dalek
- Edith
- a fragile cycle 
- a kind unquiet
- when a man makes a noise worth his weight
- Swan's fur skin in lava
People Like Us
- are different to people like you
- rezealot's paradise
- Danman


Purveyors of the cause:

- denizens of the deepest darkest hours
- sounds from a world different than the one you are in now
- music from a broken mold
- educational eclecticism
- gems amoungst the rubble
- juxtaposional musics
- stillness allows focus
The Listening Room - a padded place full of aural delight


- your one stop shopping spot for experimental radio on line
- a journey into audio chaos
- a journey into audiovisual chaos


- furthermore and more
- a true loop is a tape loop, delightful nonetheless
- essential info on M Squared and its ilk
- global contemporary music organisation
- diseased equestrian lymphatic system
- the inside on the outside of Art Brut
- Clifford's paradise: a home for severed heads, anonradio, antiquities and a schooner or two


- presentation of contemporary arts in Sydney
- the aegis of experimental music presentation in Sydney and Melbourne
- fleeting aural beauty
- smart pants


Anomalous Records - distributor of experimental abstract electroacoustic soundscape textural sculptural 
  surreal modern classical and other strangemusics
- oldbeat lowlanders
- Australian explorers of odd music
- mega musico
- noise merchants
- kill two birds with no stones
- home of extreme quietnoise
- music to listen to by the light of an ill moon
- industrial strength grammofoon
- the guilded sword
- difficult to say difficult listening
- a quickly guilded sword


- review of Sherrif Lindo & The Hammer's "Ten Dubs That Shook The World"   cd rerelease
120 Years of Electronic Music - a history of electronic intruments
- a history of recording technologies
- useful Australian links
- surreal animator

For when your brain wants an out:
- welcome to this day-dream
- so someone else did
- ghost rabbit enemies fight